London International Boundary Conference 2019

The Fourth London International Boundary Conference will take place April 2-3 2019 at King’s College, London.

Marbdy will run a maritime boundary workshop on Monday 1 April at King’s College as an ice-breaker. This will be a highly practical workshop looking at territorial sea baselines, drawing equidistance lines, and working on a fictional delimitation scenario. This is essential training for anyone interested in maritime boundaries, and especially those seeking to resolve boundary disputes through negotiation or dispute resolution.

The main conference will address the following topics:

  1. Physical and emotional boundaries post Brexit
  2. Borders and mobility
  3. Topical boundary-related aspects of the Law of the Sea
  4. Building fences and barriers on land and at sea
  5. The Global Commons and the Oceans/Beyond the 200m limit
  6. The Curious Incidence of Islands in the sea
  7. Contemplating the Middle Eastern border

See website for more information:

Conference delegates at the Marbdy maritime boundary workshop in 2015